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Hi, I started my online bussiness store yesterday. I use around 25 dollars a day on Instagram and Facebook ads. And i have a total of 472 visitors, and only 1 sale? Only 3 peaple have ...
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Hi,1. How can i get these category buttons on the sense theme on feautured collections?2. Does anybody know if this site uses the sense theme with coding:
Hi, where is the drop down menu in theme editor? Can you show a screenshot? 
Also need help with this! Anyone knows how to fix it?
Still need help!  Password: eanesk
Hi, how can i make the image with text section full width on mobile? Refresh Theme
Hi, thank you! But i want the button to be another color then the text...
Does someone know how to fix this, or if it is an code to do it?
Hi, I need help changing the cutton when i use backround 2 on sections. I want all buttons to be orange like picture nr 2. Link to preview website:  
Anyone know about a free star review app where i can place the reviews in the homepage? I have a 1 product store.
Hi, I need help. I have tried to code the star review in the debut theme for so long now, and now that im done i see that the stars appear 2 places in the product ? I have no idea where or what i have to do to remove the first one!! Does someone know...
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