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Hi @m-lhe Thank you for your question!The Subscriptions API can be found here: have existed for while and are open to the public.   Pranab
Hi Brian, Thanks for reporting the problem. I have opened an issue for investigation.
Hi! Thank you for you question! Currently, only Shopify Payments, Paypal Express,, and Stripe are accepted as payment gateways for subscriptions. Unfortunately, other gateways are not supported at this time.
Hi @fbd! Thank you for your inquiry! To enable subscriptions on your Shopify store, you can install one of the available subscription apps from the Shopify App Store. However, please note that you need be using one of the payment gateways listed here...
Hi @Solanyi , Thank you for your question!This forum is for questions about Subscriptions API, which lets you sell product on a recurring basis. Any questions about Shopify membership, deactivating your store and billing should be asked in General Di...
Hi @Mulg00 , Thank you for your question! Are you referring to cancelling your Shopify subscription and closing your store?This is a forum for questions about Subscriptions API, as in using subscriptions as a purchase option to sell products on a rec...
Hi @ManishaSingh ,Here is a step-by-step documentation on how you can build support for subscriptions in your app:   Thanks
Hi Chris, Thank you for the question.I am not aware of a bug with pricing policy where the price adjustments are removed from a selling plan. I would need some more information to investigate this further. Can you share your store and any selling pla...
Hi @lemonsenpai, Thank you for your question! When the link on the email is visited it triggers the flow where the financial institution will request a 3DS authentication and the webhook is fired in that flow. Also, the 3DS challenge webhook is only ...
Hi @Andreyc123, Thank you for your question! We do support subscriptions and there is some good information in our help center about setting up and managing it.  Here is the link:   Thank you,...
Hi @soSimplified, This board is for Subscriptions API only, that is any questions related to selling products as a subscription, but not for App Subscription.I would suggest posting your question in Shopify APIs and SDKs board. Thank you, Pranab  
Hi Dugen, This is an interesting question. We don't know what credits are and I am assuming that your app is tracking them on your end? I was thinking that your app could trigger a billing attempt  to create a transaction and an order that in turn re...
We do not support those gateways (Razorpay, Cashfree or PayU) for Subscriptions.
Hello there! Thank you for your question!    It is only possible to use Shopify Payments, Paypal Express and gateways. Also, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Stripe may be available for some merchants.Thank you, Pranab
Hi! Thank you for your question.The shipping cart scripts should not be causing this as the second or third subscription orders do not go through checkout. Subscriptions are renewed using the subscription billing attempt API calls. Is it possible the...
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