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Thanks for your suggestion, however this does not apply to my question. Iwant to tag my orders with POs so that I can search them internally by thePO number.
I know that you can only have 250 tags per product, customer, etc... but my questions is how many unique tag names can you have?  For example, I would like to "tag" my orders with a PO number for easy search.  The problem is that if we are limited to...
Is is possible natively with Shopify or through a shopify app to get my google ad spending/cost data into my shopify account to get a better picture of profit? Thanks
is there a way to Inset a metafield links from a product in Link Dialogue (pictured below) Using the link button in an accordian.
We use a drop-shipper for the products on our site.  Currently we are using the Shopify UPS shipping rates on our site and we want to be sure that the drop-shipper shipping rates align with what is shown on our site.  Is there a UPS account number th...
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