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As you can see the drop down on mobile is huge. Is there anything I can do about this? I am using Trade theme
Here is my url: I am using Gempages to edit my website. However, in version 7 there is no SKU column I can add into my product page. How do it add it in on this new update. I'd like to add it below my product title and above price. C...
 The main menu font size is fine, i just need the details in the drop down to be smaller
 The text alignment is centered but it is still on the left side rather than the middle as you can see. Anyway I can fix this? Thanks for your help
I am using the theme called Trade. It would be great if they are centre without the gap and a slightly smaller font size. Does anyone have a resolution for this?
Hello sir, Thank you so much for the respond. So like the images i have attach, some people experience the header menu list are not showing. Sometimes it will eventually load after a long while. Everything else loads quite immediately but it's always...
this is the website link:montanic.comwe notice some on some phones, the Header Menu are not working, like some links within are not clickable. Can anyone help out how to fix this issue?Thank you
Dear diego_ezfy,Thank you for your reply. I have found where the piece of code(css) its and change it to another working css. So it works for the meantime. Hopefully the app won't change it back sometimes later.Once again, appreciate your prompt repl...
Hello guys,Out of blue, suddenly our website( taking 1.3 minute to load since couple of days ago. Checking the chrome dev tool, it seems that font-awesome.min.css have somewhat failed to load with exact same time 1.3 minute.I'm not a pro...
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