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Thank you very much :)!!!If may i ask you if you know how can i reduce the price of this in the "promo" menu and also how can I increase the font in the title  (i will send you a screenshot for both questions )THANK YOU VERU MUCH @Vinsinfo  
Good morning from Rome,I would like to know how could i change the font size of the header menu from debut theme.thank u so much in advance. 
@oscprofessional @Zworthkey THANKS A LOOOTTTTTT
thanks a lot @oscprofessional @Zworthkey !!!!@oscprofessional  @Zworthkey Do you know how can i change the vendor size in my shop debut theme?I tried this but doesn't work .price__vendor.price__vendor--listing   {font-size: 16px;} 
@Zworthkey thank you the url is
thank you @oscprofessional the url is, password: ciaodakota
Thank you very much @JHKCreate !!I tried the code that you gave me but it doesn't work  
Hi everyone!How can i change the vendor size (in my shop)? Is too big . I use debut theme.www.dakotarome.compassword: ciaodakota I try this:.product-card__title {font-size: 18px; /* change number to change size */font-weight: 700;}But nothing happend...
Hi everyone from Rome!I added an english version to my site. When i choose the language on the top all works good. Instead, when i choose the language option in the bottom the inglesh version doesn't work. anyone know h...
I send you the screenshot.1. In the home - "nuovi arrivi"2. In the shop In both of it, i would like to change the font, size and style THANKS againnnn!
YOU'RE THE BBESTTTTTHANKS A LOTTTTTT ❤️ I know you're helping me a lot, I hope  i,m not bother you!In the case of the shop, it's possibile to change the font, style and size of the name of the products? 
Thanks a looottt @Zworthkey Do you know why in the mobile footer the "info & support" looks different (have more space between paragraphs) than the laptop version? I would like them to be the same THANKS YOU AGAIN!
Hi everyone!!!I would like to change the font and also the size of the header title - "NUOVI ARRIVI" of the collection list. Could someone help me please? in advanced!Regards from Rome
Hi everyone!!!I am trying to change the size of my font in the footer,  I just want it slightly smaller. a lot in advance!Regards from Rome!
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