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I am having the same issue. I am using api version 2024.4.1. It does not make much sense as an error since the hook could not really be imported and used anywhere other than a UI extension...
Following along here. I'm having the same issue.
I am wondering the same thing. It does not seem possible to add app blocks to the cart drawer at this time. Hopefully sometime over the next year it will be made possible since script tags are going to be deprecated in 2025.
Have you confirmed that your extension id is correct? I had a similar issue where I was using the extension id from the incorrect environment (prod for stage, etc) when I was testing.
Wait a minute, actually I think it DID work!
I wish I could say the same... Still doesn't work for me.
Hi Liam, just checking in again. Any update? Thanks!
Here we are 14 days after first report of this issue, and no response from the Shopify team past the initial "how frequently is this occurring?" Please @Liam or any other Shopify team member give us some indication that this is being investigated!Tha...
@Liam please escalate this issue, I have had to remove the deep link from my app for now since it no longer works. It has been 10 days since your last reply. Please escalate this issue and let us know when it can be fixed. Thank you!!
Seems like we have to wait for Shopify to fix it. There's nothing anyone else can do.
I am having the same issue. The deep link structure is correct (as far as I can tell) and it lands me on the product page in the editor, then redirects to the home page at the last second. Here is my deep link:
Ok I've gotten a little clarity on this thanks to a Shopify consultant I consulted with Apparently the Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus.addContentBlock method was added in the last 12 months or so, and will likely not be going anywhere until they releas...
I have this same question right now. I would prefer not to use post-purchase checkout extension since it is in beta and has so many limitations, so I would like to continue using ScriptTag to load a content block on the order status page. However I c...
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