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Hey, I am looking for a GDPR/CCPA compliant cookie modal-banner etc. It should not interrupt the UX. Any advise?
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Hey Erik,There are plenty of tools to use for BFCM, if you want to promote your products-discounts, you can use special email campaigns (tools like MailChimp or MailerLite) or you can use a popup tool such as Popupsmart or Poptin to grow your email l...
Hi there! It is possible with Popupsmart.If you don't want to display the same popup on the entire website, add the URLs of the pages you want to include or exclude.Select "URL Browsing" after clicking on the "Visitor Behavior" on our popup builder. ...
Hey Erica! I know exactly what you want. Popupsmart has announcement popup feature! By using this popups, you can:Promote your webinars: Show Cookie Notice:  Announce special offers: Promote Content: Plus: they wont hurt user's browsing experience. T...
Hello! You don't have to just use Shopify's App to add a pop-up on your page.It is possible to build a popup for your Shopify store without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is to customize a conversion-ready popup template in 5 minutes with P...
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