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I solved 
Hello, could I ask for your help for the same?I could add the tripadvisor icon with the link, else I saw that getting the tripadvisor reviews directly on my shopify website is not for free, am I right?Thank you!!!
Thank youuuuuuuuu, it worked immediately!!!!!!Elena
Hi, the store URL is
Hello, as you can see from the pic, the lens is overlapping the header menu. I tried to follow a solution I found in the community, but is not helping.Thank youElena
Yeeeeeehhhhh, cool, now is fixed.Thank you so much!!!
Thank you, I tried, but this is the result.Is possible something is wrong because I removed the banner to insert the video?
Thank you!
Thank you for your reply!Unfortunately I just realized my second message was rejected for some technical reasons. My question is, where should I paste the code? I tried in theme.css but it doesn't work.
Thank you!
Hello,I'm using debut, managed to remove the banner in the collection page and I placed a video on the top. There is text following the video, but the padding is huge, I tried following different suggestions given in the community, but nothing is wor...
Hi, I'm a bit confused here.I chose Razorpay as a payment gateway, along with PayPal both also for international transactions.As I chose a third part for the gateway I had to install a currency converter app because Shopify does not support it if you...
Than you Sheesh, yesterday I found this option and downloaded the App, it works!
Hi, I'm about to open a Service Store and I need to use a currency converter.My main currency is INR, but I'd like to add Euro, USD and Pound.I realized that if I don't choose to use Shopify Payment Method I'm not allowed to have a multi currency sto...
Hi, I'm working on my Shopify Website, I came across a dilemma, what is the difference between Shopify payment gateway and, for example, Razorpay? I'm based in India.
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