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Bio: I built my first ever website in shopify, i LOVE it. But i need to learn more about the domain structure and impact on SEO.

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I am getting huge numbers of pages blocked by TXT shown in google search console  and some of them have emojis and i dont understand how these pages have been created there are also number ones with + signs in which i have NOT created I am unsure how...
I am trying to find a simple answer to this question Shopify 2.0 theme - need to set up filters and simplest way i think is the metafields  But i need to be sure this does not create duplicate content like tags do.  HELP!  
AH Refs report stating that OG Graphs/titles not working but they are there in the page source so i am confused Not sure what i am supposed to do ?
This is an example of the 4600 pages similar - what am i supposed to do to fix this?
ive changed the code now to this ... is this right ??<p><a href="/pages/decking-installations" title="Decking Installations">View our Decking Installations</a></p>
the current HTML is this<p><a href="" title="Decking Installations"></a></p> But GSC is saying this isnt anchor text ??
Hi - thanks for thisSo its not editable using the shopify portal ... you need to manually add the HTML code specified above directly into the code?
I have got 256 links with anchor texting missing - where do i input this? I have opened up one of the pages and clicked the link box and i have completed the URL box and also the Link Title box ... where am i supposed to put the "Anchor Text"?? Thank...
Hi - can i ask if we have google reviews at company level not individual product level can these show up on the rich snippets on the search results? We have not configured all of google product merchant fields as our shipping ...
Hi - no we are not so i am not sure where it is ???? im confused
Hi - the following page is live on my website but is NOT in the blog section in the shopify back endI can edit this - its not there?? Attached is my list of blog posts and and the...
HiI will do some practice runs and see if i can get it to bug out and report back ..likewise - have a god with our site and see what you can find out ... Thanks
just noticed your email - are you based at ponderosa in Wakefield ?? Citigroup?  If so i know the site well and my It company friend has a business there ... small world. I can neither re-create any bug despite lots of testing ... its infuriating 
Hi are you able to re-create any issues? I cannot get any error messages etc but google search console is telling me there is something wrong .... too many people exiting at checkout page  
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