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Yeah, that's a nice solution that I played with doing as well. It's just a little bit hacky though.We need @Shopify to give us a response
@maxrfinch ah yeah I know. You've been massively helpful and your solution will help a lot of people out! Thanks for doing all the research on it.That message was directed at Shopify, not at you at all. Sorry if that came across wrong.
@maxrfinch thanks for the guide on how to do that. However, without an interface in the theme customiser, this would be much too difficult for my client to manage.I have so many use cases where I'd build a custom section for my client where they can ...
I'd be interested in this too. I'm in the same boat where I'd love to keep it all under one interface.
For me, I'm not using using this section on a product page, so metafields can't work.I'm basically building a little image gallery which outputs a carousel of images. This carousel can be on any page and sometimes I need more than 16 images in this c...
I've been moving one of my stores to online store 2.0 but this has become a complete deal breaker for me. I used to use sections where I'd frequently have more than 16 blocks in them at a time. With this gone, I have no idea how I can achieve what I ...
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