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Hi,    You could check the order / line items / sku (see the example below)     In general, check the conditions document on how to add conditions. In essence, the variables you can use in the conditions are either passed in by the trigger, or from ...
Hello,    I think you could add a condition to check if the lineitem.nonFulfillableQuantity == lineitem.quantity.    Lily
The first thing to know if the condition is met, i.e., whether or not the tag is added when the workflow is run. If you open a workflow run, what does it show? 
Hello,   There is a template "Add products with a tag to a collection in the future" you should be able to find in your store. It may be a good start to help you do what you want to do.      If it doesn't help, maybe I misunderstand your problem. Pe...
I think you should use the Payment schedule is due trigger. There are a couple of workflow templates on how to use it. For example.   
Hi!   Here is the Shopify Flow documentation that should help you building automations. If you browse the templates in your Flow app, you could also find a lot of help.    With your specific problem, I could have several suggestions. However, I am no...
Currently, "Ready for Pickup" is not supported as a Flow trigger yet. I will add a feature request for the trigger. 
Nice! Though I was no expert on the admin API, I was happy to have helped.  
Yes, I do mean to use Shopify admin API + Shopify Flow.   BTW, the previous link I gave you is GraphQL API, which I don't think can easily used by you. Instead, you should use the REST API . The API has details on the header you need as well in the e...
Hi,    Each product could have multiple metafields. I believe that you need to do a for loop on the metafields as well. Something like: .... {% for metafield_item in lineItems_item.product.metafields %}  {% if  if metafields_item.key == "key" and met...
BTW, in order to help prioritization of this request, I suggest that you add a request at the merchant frustration
Hi,    We do not have a Flow action to do that yet. However, if you have some technical skills, you could do that now by calling the Shopify admin API to update the product inventory. We don't have any plans yet to add this action short-term, but we'...
Hi,    Can you please provide more details? 1. What do you mean not working? Are the conditions met? Is there any error messages for the run? 2. Do you have a screen shot of the activity page for the run? 
Hello,    If you are talking about Shopify Flow app, I don't think we support actions to restrict payment methods at this point.    Lily
I think you need to move the round inside the curly brackets. Try:   {{ productVariant.price | divided_by: productVariant.compareAtPrice | minus: 1 | round: 2 }}
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