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@KetanKumar i already did
@KetanKumar Sure, no problem!How do i add you, with this email: bamaniyaketan.sky@gmail.com ?
@KetanKumar  I dont understand, what do i do??? this is the code i put for product-card-grid.liquidI dont see any corrected one or what to change.<div class="reveal"><div class="product-card__image-with-placeholder-wrapper" data-image-loading-animati...
@KetanKumar i accidentally clicked it as solved but its not. I didnt see any new code to add. Can you please let me know?
@KetanKumar Which one? There was no code in your answer
@KetanKumar What do you mean? i dont understand, where that code should be, i have:theme.css:/* =============================================== // Reveal module // =============================================== */ .reveal .hidden { display: block !...
@KetanKumar Thanks! Site url is the same: https://beatriz-536.myshopify.com/collections/for-herYou can also check it under SHOP menu item, in any of the other pages:  For him / Kids 
@KetanKumar I took it out after because the site was not good, but now i put back exactly as in my reply, both the theme.css and product-card-grid.liquid Same thing happens (blank/no image on hover)I really appreciate any help on how to make it work ...
Hello @KetanKumar thanks in advance for your help and time!Ive been trying to make it work, but after trying a bunch of different codes and you answers, its still not working, it just shows an empty image when hover: theme.css:/* ====================...
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