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Hi all Jayne here from Zapiet, Due to the updates made with 2.0 our app is embedded in the theme with no coding files from us in the background  and new themes like Dawn, we are no longer able to use an addons file in the coding  storepickup-addons.l...
Hi there Zapiet's Store Pickup & Delivery works with the new Dawn theme OS2.0
Hi there Our Zapiet app Store Pickup & Delivery can help with both your conditions. You can use 1 or all options it's up to you. Check it out at
Hi there We have a lot of bakeries that we help.We can provide pickup limits but only on Advanced & above plans. The date is chosen in the cart but only the dates with slots available will appear .
Hi there, The delivery date picker is included in the cart when using our app Store Pickup & Delivery
Hi there, We have an app called Store Pickup & Delivery that can cover all your needs, date format, cut off times, blackout dates and much more that integrates on the Shopify platform. Check out our website for a 14 day free trial https://www.zapiet....
Hi there, Yes that is correct we are not yet fully compatible. We don't automatically increment dates for subsequent orders and subscription rates are always displayed as 'shipping' regardless of what option the customer selects. This is because Shop...
Hi there Our app Store Pickup & Delivery allows you to use Pickup, Delivery or Shipping as standalones or all three options together it depends what your needs are within your store. By using our 3rd party app it doesn't mean that we do the actual de...
Our Zapiet app Store Pickup & Delivery will work alongside the express methods of payment as long they are displayed after the cart stage where the option to pickup, deliver or ship is selected
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