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Hi, How can I fix the increment label on my shopify store cart. When i add products in add to cart the number shown on the cart label is wrong. Is there any way to fix this? url -  
Hi, How can I change this hover section weight text into single line text like custom text. url - 
Hi Guys,  How I can align the menu to top left with center logo on the refresh theme and make the sticky bar to less height. link -  
Hi, Adding any script to my category page align my product to left how to fix it? My website - btw I'm working on atc button ajax. adding ajax script is giving me this issue. Most probably it is because of script which is aligning the prod...
this is the whole snippet by the way, I know basic coding, but didn't found a way  <!-- /snippets/product-grid-item.liquid --> {% comment %} This snippet is used to showcase each product during the loop, 'for product in collection.products' in c...
this is the code ,  How i can make it as if stock = 0 then preorder instead of shop now. Please someone help me on this.   <a href="{{ product.url | within: collection }}" class="grid-add-to-cart"> {% if on_sale %} {{ product.compare_at_p...
Is their any chance for out of stock products, instead of buy now, can i write preorder? 
Hi, how to show preorder on a specific products instead of buy now. Replacement will be taken care, please help me in changing tag to preorder for these 4 product instead of buy now. URL - 
Hi @dmwwebartisan  this is the code <style> .site-header__logo img { max-width: {{ section.settings.logo_max_width | escape | default: '180' | remove: 'px' | append: 'px' }}; } @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { .site-header__logo ...
Please suggest a way to show the search button on my website. Url -  
Hi, how i can decrease the size of the button, its colliding on mobile view.URL -
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