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I have a wordpress website and use the shopify buy button on my wordpress pages to sell products. I do not want people (or google) stumbling across the shopify webpages. I do not want to maintain 2 homepages and I do not want those pages to compete w...
That worked, thanks!
any updates on this?
Hi! Sorry, I'm new to shopify. Where do I find the schema code? And is there a specific section you need to see?
I tried to use html in the announcement bar text field but it didn't work, it just displayed the HTML as I typed it in. How do I share the header code? Here's a section from the header.liquid code that addresses the announcement bar. Please let me kn...
can someone help me with this?
Can you help with that?
Hi there,I would like to include multiple links in the announcement bar: https://p4sp7y45jnbzfqov-58788085959.shopifypreview.com/I want the words between each | to link to a different URL. Please help!Thanks!   
Here's the URLhttps://lckt1qcjxtkpj0wx-58788085959.shopifypreview.com/ Thanks!!
Hi! I'm trying to right align the main menu on desktop. Like this:I can see other people have asked this but the code provided doesn't work for my site. I'm using the debut theme. Can someone please tell me what code I need and where to put it? Thank...
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