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Hello Erin it’s been 9 days and no one has reached out to me or explained why I'm experiencing this hold. This has really messed up my business I will be moving to a different e-commerce platform because this is unacceptable.
Omg! Im so sorry this happened to you. If you don’t mind me asking what were you selling? Because I have a hair extension business. I haven’t done anything wrong so i have no idea why my payouts are on hold 
Hey have you received any update?
Hello how can I change my processor to stripe?
My payouts have been on hold since January 5th, I never received an email explaining why or if any information was needed from me. Now it’s January 10th and still hasn’t received an update or any information as to why this has happened. Someone pleas...
I am expecting the same issue. I haven’t received a single email explaining why my payouts are on hold i have talked to multiple support staff and no one has figured out why this has happened. I had to close my website because of this issue. This is ...
ok so you think this an error just happening for everyone today? 
i downloaded the file but theres no way for me to link it here 
how do i find that file?
code is pass10
heres the error message my site is
help, i just published the dawn 2.2.0 theme and it say liquid error : internal what does that mean ?  
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