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Hi don't feel bad, you can achieve this using custom coding on client end.You can disable Add to Cart button until user have added minimum quantityin cart and, or set a minimum quantity for quantity picker.Regards
Hi @Phil345 , how's your day going on. Yes, you can easily do it by visiting your Shopify dashboard Then go to Online Store > Preferences and there you can easily update or remove the text.  Regards,Osama Farooqi 
Hello @Paul_magdas , you can try Shopify's default app "Search and Discovery". It's free and it will show dynamic filters depending on the collection. Moreover, if you like to add custom filter options, you can do this using metafields with the filte...
Hello @danbot , can you please confirm the store preview link, it expires in 2 days. Also, the password shows wrong. Moreover, it'll also depend on the image, expect ratio. Some images are long some are short but their width is high like 4:3 , 1:1 , ...
Hello, @DealsnDragons , thank you for sharing this, can you please also share the password? Moreover, please try to add any screenshots, will be helpful.  Regards,Osama Farooqi
Hello @ErSanjay , I understand your situation. You can collect all the available products as an array before looping them into pagination. Let me know if it works.   Regards,Osama Farooqi
Thank you @notaaron1 for the detailed description. As per my understanding, you want to protect your whole website and only one page is open for visitors. So, anybody visiting your store will be redirected to the specific page.  Let's say, you have a...
Hello @notaaron1 , you can customize the password page using customizer. If you want to make it entirely different, please consider hiring an expert and s/he will be able to convert your current password page into your required one. If you don't want...
Hello @SPCTRVM , would you like to share the store URL? So, I can look further into your request. Regards, Osama Farooqi
Hello @Anonymous , You can achieve this in different ways. If you don't want to remove or decrease the spaces between the menu items. Then you can follow the below steps as well.  Go to Shopify Dashboard then choose Online Store > Themes > Edit Code ...
Hello @DealsnDragons , would you like to share the store URL. So, I can look further into your request. Regards, Osama Farooqi
Hello @Toptoys2uHS , there are multiple ways to do the same thing. Please go to your Shopify dashboard. There Online Store > Themes > Edit Code  on the left side you'll see some coding files. Please search for the theme.liquid file. when you open it,...
No worries @danbot , there we have an updated piece of code. Please replace it. <style> .banner__media.media { position: fixed; } @media screen and (max-width: 767px) .banner__media.media { position: absolute; height: 100vh !important; } ...
Hello @danbot , You can do this, by simply adding the below code into your theme.liquid file anywhere. <style> .banner__media.media { position: fixed; } </style>   Regards,Osama Farooqi 
Hello @Toptoys2uHS , Shopify uses templates to show different collections. That means you'll not be able to find the specific collection page like 'page.collection.best-seller'. However, you can use custom coding to address this.  simply create a new...
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