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Hello Team,I have created the app in PHP and using the phpish library How can I redirect the app url correctly because it is automatically adding the ?force_legacy_domain=1. I checked the response -code=28dc4a2827a22423eaeddfdd13e3ceaf&hmac=148cbcce7...
Hi @MikeDe ,Please check the below documentation:-1.
Hello Team,I am creating an app using the CLI node for choosing the related products for a particular product.For shows at the storefront I am using ajax for now but in the future, I will implement the theme app extension by using the below ajax code...
Hello Team,my app has been rejected due to App must verify the authenticity of the request from Shopify.There was an error installing your app. The app must be installed to perform the security check. We expected OAuth to be initiated at https://app-...
 @hashcode_io I have set the header in the middleware code you can see the screenshots and let me know if something missing on that. 
@hashcode_io Yes, I have created my own middleware with frame-ancestors code like the below:-protected const HEADER_FORMAT='frame-ancestors %s %s';protected const ADMIN_SHOPIFY_URL='';public function handle(Request $request, ...
Hello Team,my app has been rejected due to App must set security headers to protect against clickjacking.I created the app in laravel using osiset package. and implemented the code for clickjacking by creating the middleware in the app/Http/Middlewar...
Hello Team,I have created the app previously in laravel without the use of CLI but now for showing the apps in app block we will have to use the theme app extension framework so how can we integrate it with the old App?    Thanks in advance
Thanks for sharing the solution but my issue is coming when I am creating the theme app extension for this PHP app.When I go to the development store from the theme app extension after enabling it. It returns the error "APP::ERROR::INVALID_CONFIG: th...
Hello All, I have created the app by using this reference and created the theme app extension as well but when we redirect from the theme app extension it returns the error (AppBridgeError INVALID_CONFIG: ho...
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