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RE: How To Limit Purchase Quantity for a specific product only per cart?Hello everyone, this is interesting. I'd like to know how to do this on my websites. Do we have any coding solution to this? Please post if the code works on a legacy theme or on...
Hey Itssagar, It would help the community if you can drop your site URL so we can dig deeper into this tracking issue. This normally happens when there's a missing piece in the installation of the pixel or something has been removed if it was trackin...
Glad I was able to help, Pete. Best of luck in your business. 
Hey @checkoutfirst, I went to your website and saw you have a footer area, it looks like you have found a solution to your problem. Anyways, I can't replicate the issue on my end on this store that uses a Debutify 3.0.3 version (see screenshot).Howev...
Hey @B_davis4633, Nice question. You are on the right path, you'll have to temporarily disconnect your IG account from your FB page. To do this, you'll have to go to your FB page > Settings > Instagram > DisconnectBelow is a screenshot of how it look...
Hey @ps1505,Nice question. You'll still have to go to the storefront editor (Online Store > Customize) then add something to cart > Click on View Cart When you've clicked on the View cart and you see the cart page, you should have these 3 options as ...
Hi everyone, I need help in writing a Shopify script. The store I'm writing this script for is selling women's underwear. The script should give 1 Free Bra that's larger than the current one in the cart. The bra sizes are from Small to Extra Large.Ex...
Hey Vegoo, You just need to change that text in the language section of your theme.Steps below:Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages > Type the word you want to replace in the search field then click saveSample below:Hope this helps. 
No issue but the button doesn't show a confirmation/animation to show that the hidden text was copied successfully. The only way for anyone to know if the code is copied is if they try to paste it.
I found the function that I'm looking for. Maybe you or someone can help style it? The function of the code below is exactly what I'm looking to do but without the style. It copies any text to the clipboard that isn’t visible with HTML. <style> /* Go...
Thanks for helping out @PinkalShihora. Your code works but I find it difficult to add a box. For reference, here's the flow of the site where I got the inspiration from:1. You click on the button2. A different text gets copied to your clipboard (the ...
Hello everyone,  I hope someone can help (for free). I'm trying to add a beautiful "Copy to Clipboard" effect on my website and I'm having some challenges.Problem 1The content being copied is different from the "Discount Code" I want to copy.Problem ...
This is what he means @Dirk It's very useful for anyone. Not all stores I manage have this as well. 
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