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Unfortunatly, not yet. And I hope that this can be done from settings (just as email subscription box)
Thanks  And where should I add this code? Will this be applied on checkout?   
Hi, Recently, we display the checkbox in checkout to get customers permission to receive SMS offers.Is there away to make this checkbox checked by default?
Thanks alotI will look into them
Hi, We export data from the first account and import it in the second
Hi, We have two Shopify accounts with two separated online stores and domains there are some products that are added on both (with other different products for each store) The process we do that we do update inventory in a daily basis to match the qu...
 Is there any app that can sync two Shopify accounts together.Where I have products on a shopify account, I want to sync them with another shopify account. Or at least products quantities. Thanks in advance!
Hi, When I add a custom HTML blck in home page, there is a big white spaces added before the added block and after it. How can add block without padding around it? Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm looking for an app that will choose the cheapest shipping rate from a provided methods and display it for the customer with applying some rules More clarification:We use FedEx & UPS for shipping..We want to display only 3 methods to customers...
Hi, What is rules for the system to set the default address (mainly the shipping address)?Is it the address used in the lastest order? or it should be set bu the customer or the address used in the first order or the first address provides....? Thank...
Hi, Is there a way to remove offliine items from all other sales channels (as linkpop, google, facebook...) automatically ?   If there is no automated way, how can I get a list of all these items to remove them manually (or as a bulk edit)?
Hi, can't we add the available quantity in message?I tried to use {{ count }} but it is not working, is there another variable? Thanks in advance
Hi, I want an app that do the following: 1. Hide a specific shipping method from checkout when some products added in cart.2. Give us the ability to change or hide shipping methods subtitles3. integrated with UPS, FedEx and USPS Any recommendation pl...
Thank you. My concern is that when customers pay using these wallets (as Shop pay and Apple Pay.The credit card information will not be available for us to review. Becaus of that, I want to get other webstores experience to check if there is a specif...
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