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Can anyone help me with this ? I still have not received a solution and would really appreciate some help 
its the broadcast theme, the text on the slideshow is too small for the desktop I want it bigger its fine on the mobile site 
Is there a way to make the header in the broadcast theme transparent on the mobile version?, it shows up transparent on the desktop but
Doesn’t have that option and I just want the photos on the desktop smaller not the mobile site
I want them all smaller , they just look too big on the desktop site , they are fine on mobile 
It’s all the ones that are the full width templates
how can I make my full width images smaller on the desktop but keep them the same size on mobile site?      
Can someone help me with this ? As I didn’t get a reply from previous contributor , can’t find timber in my assets as per photo I attached earlier 
I want to shrink the full width image on my desktop website as they are very big, the size on the mobile looks fine, I don't mind if there will be whitespace around the images on the desktop site  So if you notice the text is quite smaller in the desktop so I want to make it bigger but I don’t want the mobile site text to be bigger  
How can i make my font headers and body bigger on desktop size and not affect the size when it shows on mobile site 
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