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Good day! I want to have a button on my slide show "Shop now," but it only appears if I have text in Heading or Subheading. As if they linked together. Is there a way to disable that link and just have a simple button that links to a collection witho...
Thank you, your code worked!
It's right there on the homepage. Headings are used above the button and there is no way to leave it blank. If I leave them blank, then collection title is being used. 
Hi there! I've been trying to find a solution to remove the heading in the collection list - each collection has a heading and a button (Prestige theme). If a heading is not set, then the collection name is used, which is kinda repetitive. I research...
Yeah that worked. Thank you. And if I want to change the color, I can't do it in settings, I would have to go to the code of the theme and change the code of the color, right? disabled the password for nowThank you for looking into it
Hi everyone! I have been trying to change the color of heading and subheading on my slides in Prestige theme. Can't find the option to change the color in Settings. I tried copying codes and pasting them (solutions offered for other different themes)...
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