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Incase anyone else has this issue i was able to figure out how to add the dynamic section id this way.Add this to the section page.In my case main-cart-items.liquid{% unless == empty %} <script> const sectionID = '{{ }}'; ...
Thanks so much for the reply Liam.I thought maybe it was a schema, caching issue because i was changing template names so much but couldn't find any references to it in the schema.Again, it's so weird that it was working and then i logged on the next...
Hi im having a problem.My static section was rendering correctly but now it's rendering as a dynamic section.My files are correctly called main-cart-items.liquid & main-cart-footer.liquidThe were previous rendering correct like this:   <div id="shopi...
Solved.I needed to install Shopify CLI 2 (not 3) for themes and update Ruby to 3.1.2Then use shopify2 for all terminal commands.Eg, shopify2 theme push
I'm trying to install Shopify CLI on Mac.I've done:brew tap shopify/shopifybrew install shopify-cliWhen I run: shopify version I get the bellow error.  
The only feedback so far is from my clients complaining about how bad the back-end system is now for some sections where I need more than 16 blocks.Shopify seem to just be ignoring this which honestly makes no sense to me.My workaround has been to cr...
So I don't see how this really answers the question at all. Correct me if I'm missing something but im still seeing max blocks 16/16 on the back-end. What the people really would love to see is max blocks 16/100 etc. We used to have no limit, then fo...
I figured it out. I can use metafields to create custom filter navigation.I added a metafield called price.Then I added that to the Navigation Filter options in the settings.Then i just type in the metafield on the product page whichever value i want...
Hi dev team,Is there any way to code the filter by price navigation to show as checkboxes like the other filters (size, color).Eg, I would like it to look like.PRICE$50 - $100$100 - $150$150 - $200Instead of the current typing of a price input.Thanks...
Im so onboard with everything you have said here. The new max 16 blocks on pages has absolutely destroyed my ability to customize the back-end for clients. I can build the sections everything works then BAM. They customer can't fill out everything th...
This is a great great work around. Im still extremely frustrated that they implemented this max blocks 16 in, it's so stupid but this is a great idea.
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