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can you help me?
@ExpertRookie Can I change this?
@ExpertRookie but its only this ones the ones that I want to change and add something in the background here 
yes, but you can't add a background to all without splitting up?
@Buxtonsabella Can you help me?
Hi @SpiresDigital ,not there, I want to make a marketing campaing with shopify email, but I dont know how to add a background image to the whole composition
Hi, Is there a way to add a photo background to the shopify email (newsletter)?Thanks! 
Hi @Liamlucy1 ,What do you mean?
 Hi, My logo, being white, looks good on the main page, but in the others, due the white background, it disappears. How could I place a black logo on all pages except the homepage? Thank you.  Here the preview:https://71tlydozdl70n997-60317925589.sho...
Hi @LitCommerce The phone now its okay, on pc now I only want to delete the first lens (the one that its not in the box)Here the preview: 
@LitCommerce now on the phone its okay, but this is what happens on Pc 
@LitCommerce One last thing, it is possible to leave it in the phone as it was?Thanks. Now its like this on the phone and I want it like this if its not possible, can we delete the word inside the box?
@LitCommerce Thanks, thanks, thanks!
@LitCommerce I have realized that when I go to another page that is not the home page, since the search box is white, it is not visible. Could it be that the search box on the main page was white but on all the others black? Thank youthe homepage it ...
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