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Hey Community, My 2nd ask today! I'm a digital consultant relatively new to Shopify and am having issues with the seems-to-be-common "you need to add a gtin or mpn" message. When I access th...
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Hi, @PageFly-Victor  what if I want to do the opposite - make the URLs for every collection 100% lowercase?
Hi Community, Helping a small business with its Shopify site and am seeing two copies for each collection page, the only difference being the URL capitalization. For example: https://cornhole.org/collections/the-beach-collection/Cornhole-Baghttps://c...
Shopify needs to own up to this issue and fix it.
Sadly, no. I have asked here in the community and also contacted Shopifysupport. They tried to blame Google Analytics, but it's clearly a glitchin their system.
Hi  Community, I'm baffled. I've got a site using the Empire theme for which I am trying to make the URL always be the canonical. For example, I want https://www.purelyintegrative.com/collections/omega-3s/products/arctic-orange to always render as ht...
Hello, I am having the same exact issue.  Looks like this has been an issue for a while (https://support.google.com/analytics/thread/92447759/shopify-checkout-id-showing-instead-of-order-id-in-ecommerce-reporting?hl=en) that Shopify hasn't fixed. I a...
The site is https://www.purelyintegrative.com/In the past, I've added titles and META tags manually, but adding/removingproducts too quickly for that manual process to be effective.
Niki, I was about to implement your title automation until I looked at the theme.liquid and see a ton of automation already in there. Does this code block look "standard" to you? Do I just insert your recommended code at the top? <title>{{- page_titl...
Thank you, that's good to know.I know that titles and tags are subject to rewrite by Google for SERPdisplay but I still like to add just in case Google doesn't do a rewrite.
Hi Niki, Question for you: Does your solution work for product pages that already have a manually added page title or META description tag?
Thanks for the additional details. When I use https://tagassistant.google.com/, I get the following fields for Ads conversion tracking. I don't see ecomm_prodid or id value. Name Parameter Valuerandom random 1634734666870cv cv 9fst fst 1634734666870n...
Hello. 1. I'm not using tag manager so I can't use the tag assistant.2. This is what Ads shows in the details for the last 11 clicks:55306764289681shopify_US_5525354021032_354634126132881shopify_US_5530533658792_354831680800401shopify_US_553059867050...
Hi Community, I'm a digital marketing consultant who's being pulled more into the world of Shopify over the past few months. So much to learn! Like this problem:For one client, I've set the syncing among Shopify, Google Merchant, and Google Ads to ta...
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