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I’m sure in the fine print they have some disclaimer that absolves them from any liability in this…. Doesn’t change the issue that there’s no path, even customer funded, to resolve without relisting thousands of items. The notification just came out,...
The current eBay app is rebranded inkfrog, the paid app is super hard to get used to.  Don’t disagree with you on the other point, Shopify advertised eBay integration and it’s lame to just find out it was a 3rd party app completely unaffiliated with ...
 Inkfrog is only like $29, but challenge is you’ll need to cancel and relist all of your existing eBay items.  
Has anyone figured out how to migrate to another tool without relisting everything on ebay?  I believe the current tool is inkfrog on the backend, but tried the paid inkfrog tool and it gives an error. "API Error: Inventory-based listing management i...
Adding variants is a ton of extra steps since it doesn't copy the default price or weight, all kinds of time-outs when trying to save, etc? Support seems to be unaware it is broken and unusable since the last update.
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