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Hey Marc --1) Are you looking to insert one collection per blog post or will it vary?2) Is there a specific way you want to display the collection, or are you saying you want it exactly like that featured collection you included?
Just curious, what kind of related blog posts are you showing on the product pages? Is that a way of driving traffic to the blog posts, or are they specifically relevant to those products? Sounds pretty cool.
Just to clarify, you mean you want something like an image slider block to appear on every blog post?
If you're open to trying an app, I made something for the exact purpose of putting products between post content: I'm still figuring out the best way to display it but there's a free trial so you can test it out and see...
You actually could move your articles to another blog if you made use of canonical URLs, which would basically tell search engines that you have multiple copies of the same article and you should prioritize one in search.
I know you said this isn't what you wanted to do, but if your primary goal is to publish writing and not sell anything, I would reconsider using Shopify as your blogging platform. And I'm saying this as an app developer focusing on the blog functiona...
Simple answer:Log into your store's dashboardIn the sidebar, under Sales channels click Online StoreUnder that, click Blog posts to manage your blogs and posts
The page you're seeing is correct -- basically people can copy the URL from that page and put it into an RSS reader so that they get notifications when you, for example, publish new blog posts. If you want to hide it, you can customize your theme wit...
Once you have the URL for the image, you could potentially use the HTML editor to add the image as a background for your text. You should be careful though because it can become difficult for customers to read the text depending on the image and scre...
I checked out your store and it looks like you got it working, but if you want to add a specific product directly inside your blog post (or add multiple products) you can check out

No problem, thanks for checking it out.

@LumaD @Ramiz_Swiss @warchop  I just finished an app that I think accomplishes what you need: can embed products into your blog posts without needing to change any templates. You just write your blog posts l...

If you want a way to display products in a blog post just using the normal blog editor, I made an app that lets you embed multiple products into your posts.

I don't know if this is true. Most of the money from apps goes to independent developers outside of Shopify.And you don't need apps to have a successful store. For some stores, the expense makes sense because the apps are helping them ultimately incr...

I just finished an app that lets you show products inside your blog posts, if that's what you mean: are you talking about showing products on your blog page?
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