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It's solved guys the reseon why the header wasn't sticky when i scroll down is the transform: translateY was -100% so replace it with -0% and it work perfectly now. This is how i did:.shopify-section-header-hidden {transform: translateY(-0%);}
i added the code as you said and it only work correctly on desktop on mobile the announcement bar overlop my logo and the menu check video below: 
It's doing the same bug also on desktop check the video below 
I put the code below css as you said and it's working well on desktop but on mobile it's messy because the header have a bug check the video below: 
Only one Small thing in the home page when i scroll Down from top the to Down the image seems to skip a step of my image banner (par exemple when i scroll slwoly or even normal it pick me from a point of the image banner to a another) i hope that mak...
Updates @Ujjaval I changed your code by putting fixed instead of sticky and it work when i scroll up but the header did not fill all the width of the website so i added -webkit-fill-available and now it works perfectly, i do not detect any problem bu...
I tried your code but it did work, the sticky header show up just when i am close to the image banner and only when i scroll up to header and when i scroll down once it reach the image banner it just disappear
Yes i did and the most crazy thing is the "enable sticky header" is active but on my website even when i scroll up it do not show up  
Hello Guys,I REALLY NEED HELP!!!I have a dawn theme and saw a video tutorial on youtube that allows me to make a transparent and sticky header while scroll up and down, which worked correctly until last week the header is transparent but not sticky a...
Hello dear @Kimi, Thank you for taking your time to reply my question. I have checked the details that you tell me to check and everything is on point so my shopify payments is well activated but i am still getting those 2% cut. But after checking yo...
Hello everyone,I am actually really confused about shopify payments and paypal commission fees, because i activated shopify payments but when a client order through paypal i am charged 2x times, Shopify charge me 2% when the client use paypal to orde...
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