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@AntCrescendo I think that you can use the different section for each language. Please tell me. I am Max from Tapita Shopify page builder. You can use make the section from Tapita and insert into your current page. The section should be localised via...
@joeybab3 This is Tapita team. I think that you can build the sections for the different languages. Please take a look our new feature here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7deZxC72vw 
@hansen_san This is Max from Tapita. We just released the function which can solve your request without codinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7deZxC72vw Please tell me, I will open a trial for you. 
@aceduck I wonder that it is the tool that you are looking for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7deZxC72vwDifferent content via language? 
Hi there, We just released a feature to solve your problem. Let's try  https://apps.shopify.com/tapita-page-builder

Hey @Brickwood  This is Dominic from Tapita Page Builder. Let me answer your question. Where your images are hosted has nothing to do with your blogs ranking. The speed at which they are loaded, though, has an impact on your ranking, since page loadi...
@suoshie Please do the first 2 steps 1. Please go to your Shopify Admin -> Customize Theme2. Access this section https://prnt.sc/MPWkNb0OQdk4You can see the way to add a new product layout  
HI @suoshie This is Tapita Page Builder. Yes. You can do it. 1. Please go to your Shopify Admin -> Customize Theme2. Access this section https://prnt.sc/MPWkNb0OQdk43. Add a new product layout which based on your default product layout. 4. Assign a p...
@JaimePerez This is Tapita Team. I see that some images are still fixed.  I am sending you a way to solve. This way works well if your product title is 1-3 lines ;). Please add this code to your theme.liquid above the </head> to get this solvedStep 1...
@Elliott94 I see that you added the code above ;). Is it fine? 
Hi there, This is Tapita Page Builder Team. I think you can use this code.  html.js { background-color: #000; } 
Hi!Are these type of video backgrounds what you want to achieve?: https://pwacart.com/pages/backgroundYou can add a video background like these easily using Tapita Page Builder.1. Click Add Section > Pre-made sections > Background2. Then, select a Vi...
For relatively new sites (like yours), Google needs some time to crawl all of your pages (Discovered - currently not indexed) and even after crawling they need to make sure those pages are worth indexing (Crawled - currently not indexed).This may sou...
@jasa_bishnoi Here you go   {{ customer.phone }}
I think that your products are synced with 2 collections. Please go to the product and remove the incorrect collection 
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