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HiWhen customers click on sign in how can I redirect the cart page instead of the checkout page?
 How can I add an image to the collection page to the Shopify theme?I got the idea to use a CSS grid but how can I do that. I'm new to Shopify, I don't have much idea about liquid language.
Expected HTTP 401 (Unauthorized), but got HTTP 405 from shop-redact. Your app's HTTPS webhook endpoints must validate the HMAC digest of each request, and return an HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) response when rejecting a request that has an invalid digest....
How can I use liquid Route inside if condition? Even if I use the window location then the page rotates continuously.I simply tried this code for testing. If the user is logged in, he will go to the home page, if not, he will go to the login page. bu...
How can I use liquid Route inside if condition? Even if I use the window location then the page rotates continuously. and the route did not work, I simply tried this code for testing {% if customer %}<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}"></a>{%else%}<a hre...
Do you have any idea that if I do everything else, I will have to put code in which file of Theme?
Hi @sakinur-rahman  I have to do that, I just turn on the status in the database then the user opens my site then the direct login page should open. And if I close the status, the direct home page should open. But I'm confused as to which file of the...
whenever a customer opens my site, how can I send them across the direct login page?
How can I create a Non-embedded app? Even if I disable my embedded app from my partner account and re-open the app, the app is still embedded. How can I make it non-embedded?I have used composer require osiset/laravel-shopify
How and where can I add frame-ancestors in the Shopify laravel embedded app?
In the Shopify theme, customers go to the cart page or increase the quantity and do not click the buy it now button and direct changes in URL, and write checkout in URL. As a result, the product is not checked beyond the limit I have set, and can pur...
in my app, I am alert shown on the cart page then condition true after that click on the checkout button or redirect checkout page.but my customer changes in qty or other changes and then change customer direct URL shop name/checkout that's why my co...
You can try these two commands, sudo apt updatesudo apt install ruby-full , after that you can try again sudo apt install your path/shopify-cli-2.7.4.deb command
In Mandatory Webhooks Do I have to verify the HMAC header? 
Hi @Gavinator  I checked the document but where can I try to verify the header? I tried while installing the app but even if I change the secret key, the output is a blank screen.Webhook I just have to uninstall the app and the shop update.  $hmac_he...
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