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I currently link my Instagram & Facebook shops to my Shopify account, with all checking out done through Shopify. I've run into this problem with Facebook on desktop where it states I have a standard $10 shipping rate on all listings. Iff anything my...
Hi everyone! I was curious if I could add simple black backgrounds to make my website's text easier to read. I'm using the Venture theme. There are certain footer pages and product listings that don't do this automatically, while others do. For examp...
Thank you so much, that worked perfectly!
Hi @Sheesh_b  Interesting, I don't have that option by default. I can easily copy & paste changes in specific areas of the code itself, but I do not how to troubleshoot these kinds of issues on my own.  I'm happy to follow any instructions you share ...
@Sheesh_b wrote:Hi @ecoAV Are you talking about a background image instead of white background like I changed the background color to red? Hi @Sheesh_bv  Yes! I am hoping to turn my background into an image instead of a color, for example the entire ...
Hello everyone, I've been having trouble setting an image as my default Shopify background. I've read quite a few other similar posts and tried their methods, but have seen no changes on my site. From my understanding the change should be pretty inst...
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