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Thank you, this worked for me!
Hmm. I'm not sure why. Mine has run correctly as recently as Saturday. 
I need to save this so I can add it to my new Symmetry coding!! ❤️ 
Why is this option greyed out on the app? It seems like the functionality exists but isn't working?  
I'm wondering, too! Seems like it should be a simple add and very functional. 
Basic coding knowledge, yes. 
Any luck with this? I would love to see this, too! Or a View More button at the bottom that would load more items without having to page through
Does anyone know if it's possible to add a "View More" button on a Collection page, to load more products to that page instead of clicking through page by page?Example:  This Collection has 5 Pages of items. Could a "View More" button be added above ...
@Mel-TragicThe flow that I created will add 3 tags to products:1) New (For me, this adds products to an automatic "New Releases" collection. Can delete if unwanted.)2) A tag for the date the item was created, in the format Apr 3 2023 (You can edit th...
@Groupie - I figured out how to automatically add a tag for the date of creation using Shopify Flow if you're interested!
Did you find a solution to this? The data must exist within Shopify, as we are able to sort Products by Created Newest/Oldest, but I cannot figure out how to access it. Maddening.
That sounds promising!
I just saw this post, tried it out, and IT WORKED! Mind blown. Totally tedious, but I've only been in business for 6 months so doable, for me. Maybe it means they're getting closer to actually allowing merging, too?!
Oh my gosh, *Thank you* for bringing this to my attention!! I had no idea this was possible and, while very tedious, maybe it means they're getting closer to being able to actually merge customers/orders?!This will clean things up so much! 
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