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Help! On certain products my sizes are now grayed out even if in stock. Could someone look at this code and see if something in here could be triggering it? This is set to hide color variant swatches with a hide tag. {%- assign swatch_file_extension ...
Hi All - I have used custom fonts quite frequently but running into an issue on one site. Usually I put something that the bottom of theme.css.liquid with font face and using !important but this time the font in the navigation is not rendering correc...
First would then show the first variant image which might not necessarilybe the one on sale so I don’t think that would work but thank you forresponding!
Hi,  I want to use some code that will show a sale variant image as the first image on the product grid on the Sale Collection. This is on Impulse theme and is currently unpublished.  I was playing around with something similar to this but the issue ...
Hi - I am using Shopify Flows in conjunction with Collabs, when a creator is approved in Collabs, I want to push an event to Klaviyo and have it tag them so that I can then create a segment in Klaviyo based on this. I want them all tagged with the sa...
Hi All - Working on a client's website in the Impulse theme to make a mega menu - I have made these in the past and know that to get it going, you need to have 3 levels. I have done that, plus checked the box to allow for mega menu in the theme, it's...
Hi! Could someone help me with reducing the padding on the two Featured Product Content Blocks on this page: these are technically products, we use an app to change the buy buttons to be able to sch...
This theme does not have the Custom CSS block - that's where I would have put it as well.
I figured as much, but I know it has been done before but can't find myprevious answers. It is in a specific template, product.boot-fitting.json Ithink there is a way in the css to call out this template and then hide theShopPay language from there.
Yup! I know how to do all of that - the problem is you can't easy select toshow the ShopPay installments or not, you need CSS somewhere and that iswhat I am looking for. I know what CSS to use to hide the ShopPay messagingfrom all products, but not f...
Hi All - using the Impulse theme and would like to remove the ShopPay info from only one specific product template, not all products - I saw how to do it for all products but not a specific one. Any help? Thanks! Chelsea
Hi, All of a sudden our client on Symmetry theme is having an issue where the Buy Now button is showing up gray and has no words and is not clickable. In the preview it looks great, but on the live site it does not. Any help? Screenshots attached. 
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