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Hey i'm just looking make the same App url update as the CLI, given it's not publically documented, I was hoping someone could share the correct headers for versioning?
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I just want to add to this.The Callback URL is completely unauthenticated as well, no session, no query params, just a "kind" value in the payload... The Shopify API tools are unable to turn this request into a usable session to query the store admin...
Just updating, it's simply a timing thing... Shopify is too slow updating the status of the cancellation request.I'll have to put a delay on processing the request
Exact same problem here whil developing our fulfillment service.Cancellation Request notification comes into the system, but when I follow that up with an assignedFulfillmentOrders query for 'CANCELLATION_REQUESTED' status it comes up empty. This is ...
Over a year later, i'm looking for the same thingAll I want is to update the APP Url and redirect whitelist programatically.Did  you ever figure it out @Roreo ?
Pretty simple question that I can't seem to find the solution for anywhere.During development, every restart of ngrok free version requires an update of the app URL and redirect url's.I noticed the Shopify CLI can do this automatically, but I can't f...
After getting set up with the Next / Koa starter I found myself wondering "what is the Shopify CLI really doing that I can't do myself?"As far as I can tell it's just providing:1. The starter installation <- simple2. ngrok to tunnel <- simple3. An au...
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