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Codisto way too expensive, Inkfrog is rubbish, CED is way too long winded and not very good with bad support.  At the end of the day Shopify have shafted us, again. 
Miles too expensive for people with 20,000 products and a cost that none of us should bare really with the product being free when we joined. Basically a scam.
They have both done us dirty here. I have tried the CED one its rubbish, tried Inkfrog rubbish, Im still trying to find one that works I sell over 20,000 different product lines and the amount of work this is going to take is staggering. BAD SHOW FRO...
Wow having moved from a custom build after a load of sales swizzle from Shopify sales team we moved our 100-500 orders per day business to Shopify. Now they are pulling the rug and just like that we will have to incur a fee to use a new App.  Anyone ...
After months of working perfectly today our feeds from Shopify stopped. We are selling through shopify and ebay but not getting notification when a product has sold on Ebay so in turn is not syncing our stock, an absolute nightmare Cant re sync becau...
Hi we have had our shopify store a few months and its going quite well. We are now looking at launching an Amazon store but the App side of it is baffling. Im looking for a simple solution like we already have with Inkfrog and ebay, does it exist ?Or...
After years of using a custom built Ecommerce site, we are looking at taking the plunge and have started a shopify store. One thing we are lacking is a complete stock management system, to do just that. Organise stock, purchase orders when out etc. I...
Hi everyone, New to Shopify and Im finding shipping a nightmare, we currently use Royal Mail but I cant link any apps, and I dont relish adding something to every product (4500skus) Any help out there? Thanks 
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