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Our requirement is a bit more nuanced. We need to capture partial paymentwhere the amount varies depending on conditions such as customer segment,tags, etc.
Ideally, the conditions which would determine the amount to capture wouldbe steps in the flow, e.g., a customer's membership in a segment, customertag, order tag, product tag, type of order (pre-order), fulfillment status,etc., and the amount would a...
Actually, I don't see a way to do it properly because a custom line item isn't really a product. In some cases, it may be an option to delete the entire order and recreate it with the properties. We didn't have that option, so our workaround was to p...
What is your use case? Will the line item have been paid for? Fulfilled?
That's the only workaround I've seen. It's acceptable in some situations, but not in others.
Hello - Was the ticket referred to in this comment created? If so, what is the status? Thanks.
Hello, Properties are not listed in the arguments for the orderEditAddVariant mutation ( Is it possible to include line item properties on a new line item when creating it, ...
Hello,Is there any way to limit the scope of a private/custom/public app's access to the admin API to products of a specific vendor? The use case is a Shopify store that does drop shipping and the store owner wants separate integrations for vendors s...
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