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Hi all,I sell a range of niche electrical goods on my Shopify store which are easiest to identify by SKU. Every single one of my products gets assigned an SKU before being made active. I'm currently using the Focal theme. I would like the ability to ...
Hi all,  My business designs systems for customers that is made up of various products and components.  Once they approve these systems, they purchase the products through our Shopify site.  Currently, we have to send them a list of all the products ...
Hi there, I run a Shopify store that specialises in very niche technological equipment with very specific components and products. We provide customers with bespoke quotes via email before they purchase the products from our store.  When I try sendin...
Hi there,I have a customer who has placed an order but unfortunately one of his products isn't in stock.I have offered him a 10% refund on his purchase to apologise for the inconvenience. How would I go about doing this without having to cancel / rem...
Hi Don, Thanks for your reply. I have been selling these products for some time now but just trying to streamline my Shopify operations. We offer a wide range of smart products, specifically designed and manufactured for the UK electrical system.It's...
Hi Paul, is there any way to do this without an App? Thanks  
Hi, I run a UK based electrical firm with products that are specific to the UK electrical system (it won't work in any other country). Currently, I am receiving a lot of traffic from the US (there is a tourist attraction in Virginia with a very simil...
Is there anyway to reduce the gap between the Page title and the content? It is very large currently! 
Hi Ketan, That has now moved the box to the top of page, is there any way to have my text above it?Thanks for all your help so far! 
<div class="page-width"><div class="grid"><div class="grid__item medium-up--five-sixths medium-up--push-one-twelfth"><div class="section-header text-center"><h1>{{ page.title }}</h1></div><div class="rte">{{ page.content }}</div></div></div></div><di...
Hi, No. I had the image above the 'subscribe' box.  Thanks in advance! 
Hi, I have recently created a page specifically for my email newsletter sign up.The box where my customer will enter the email address has gone to the very bottom of the page. How would I move this in between my text and my image? I have attached the...
Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. Where exactly would I embed this?Thanks! 
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