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IssueIt seems that there are two different Admin API GraphQL Ids for Fulfillment Services. Attempting to delete a Fulfillment Service using one of the two ids yields an error message that reads "invalid id". SolutionIf your Admin API GraphQL Id has t...
looks like you're having a different issue
Greetings fellow travelers!  Although this does not appear to work via GraphQL, it is possible to do via the REST API. See:
A customer just reported this issue is affecting their customers because it affects their ability to track shipment. 
Here's another one that says Delivery Failed even after successful delivery. This time the carrier is correct.    
Order page says that it's FedEx but it clicks through to DHL. The fulfillment service specified DHL eCommerce as the carrier.  We're also experiencing an issue with the status saying Delivery Failed, when it has already been delivered. We've posted a...
We'd like to make it abundantly clear for future readers that the GIDs for the predefined Product Taxonomy Nodes are determined by combining the string "gid://shopify/ProductTaxonomyNode/" with the numeric Id from the Shopify taxonomy (Reference: htt...
Here's another example. Shopify reports that the delivery failed but USPS says it was delivered. 
Created a related thread here:
Also seeing this. I'm assuming it has something to do with some 2024 API changes that we're unaware of?
We're using bulk query in some places and then paginating queries in other places. For the paginated order queries, we pull the first nodes (first: 1) for fulfillment order line items and order line items (and a few other fields that have paging) alo...
Here's an example: Fulfillment status is "Delivery failed" but the actual parcel is "Out for Delivery" with USPS.    
One or more of our stores occasionally shows shipping statuses of "Delivery failed." If you click on the tracking numbers and follow the link through to the delivery service's Web site (e.g. FedEx, USPS) the shipment could be in any fulfillment state...
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