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Hi KetanKumar,I've got the add to cart buttons working on my collection pages in Debut theme.I also am trying to get the cart drawer to be activated when adding to cart from a collection page rather than directed to the shopping cart.I'm not good at ...
Hi Don,With due respect, I've seen posts requesting this feature to become native in Shopify in threads dating back to 2017. Many of these threads have been filed as "feature requests", I feel like the "feature requests" are also known as the "trash ...
Unfortunately the above fix is only a "half " fix. It works on laptop/desktop where arrows are used to add to the quantity. It does not work on mobile (where 90% of my customers are)On mobile it is still possible to type in a higher quantity and succ...
ok So I've eventually found this thread : and it has solved the problem at a basic level.BTW the product-template liquid file is in "sections".I'm no...
started new thread here
I've reposted here
almost 2 years on and 28k views later and no action on shopify on this simple request.I'm not looking for an "app solution"... it should be available within core Shopify.I've started a new thread here :
Hi,I've looked thru the forum and can't seem to find what I'm trying to achieve (aside from the ubiquitous "use an app".I'm looking for a simple solution to limit the amount of a single product that can be added to a shopping cart.As an example, I ha...
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