We are a ethnic grocery website, we sell food products in singles/ bulk! Please let us know some feedback we can review, thank you!
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Good Day, We are facing a problem with our variants popping up when the customer wants to purchase the product in variant (6,12,144 pack).We believe there is a glitch due to the theme codes. Please assist immediately.  Look at pictures for clearer vi...
Good Morning, The following items on Shopify do not show the variant we included (6 pack). But when the customer is purchasing the product the variant does not show unless it is added to the cart. Please help!- And the weight of the products show whi...
I tried this code, does not work! The weights are still showing for the products; example: rice. www.commercefoods.com
It did not help out   
1. I was able to turn off the settings for other viewers not to save pictures from the website, but if i want to right click to view a product it does not allow me due to that setting. Can anyone help with only turning off the setting of saving pictu...
Kindly suggest what to do so the phone view doesn't have all the products so huge, a view list would be better so the customer can scroll down comfortably. www.commerfoods.com   
I uploaded pictures on my website www.commercefoods.com. I would like them to be private and un download-able to other users. (so when people try to save any picture it would save as a html only) Please help! @Shopify @ShopifyHelp1 @HELP @DESIGN 
Hello Everyone, your help is much appreciated. As you can see in the categories section on my website some of the borders are big and some are sized perfectly. How can i make the borders of the category section the same? Thank you. @Shopify @ShopifyH...
The logos on the brands are appearing way too big.. please assist. Please view attachment below. website: commercefoods.com@Shopify @ShopifyHelp1 @Shopify  
Hello! I am trying to look for a solution about how to edit the mobile version and make the images smaller so the customer does not have to scroll down to see all the categories; ( i will insert images as an example)  i tried to edit it from the them...
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