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Hi @techlyser_web , Thanks for the reply. I have tried adding the code but unfortunately it is still not displaying. Is there any other things i could try? Thanks!
Hi, I am trying to display a message on my thank you page when a metafield contains a certain value. I have the following code, but it does not seem to work. Would anyone be able to please advise?  Many thanks.  {% if order.metafields.custom.select_d...
Hi @noodlenz, would you mind confirming what you mean by 'thank you emails'?  I am aware of the 'Thank you page'. But have not come across an email. Unless this is a custom one you set up for your own store using an automation? I'll try my best to he...
@Guleria Thanks for the suggestion, I have added it in, and the content box is displaying but unfortunately still no image...  
Hi @PageFly-Richard & @Guleria . I have added the below code using the additional scripts section in checkout settings. But it still doesn't seem to be showing. Any advice please? Thanks  <script> Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus.addContentBox( {% a...
Hi, I am looking to display the image from the following file metafield on the thankyou page. Is there a way of doing this please? Thanks  order.metafields.my_fields.safe_place_photo 
Hi @dkcrooby. Email notifications (that can be edited in the shopify admin settings under the notifications tab - e.g abandoned cart and order confirmation) are sent automatically when things happen in your store such as an order is placed. The Shopi...
@SomeUsernameHe it seems to be the other way round actually. The code hides the section when blank but doesnt show it when it is filled in.
@SomeUsernameHe Thank you for your fast response! I have just tried that and it removes the section when blank. But doesn't seem to re-appear when content is added. If you have any more suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
Hi all! I have the following code added to my thank you page using the 'additional scripts' section in checkout settings. <script> Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus.addContentBox( '<h2>Delivery message (if applicable)</h2>', '<p>{{ order.meta...
Hi @zaczee. No I don’t have any code of that sort that I’m aware of.
Hi,  Does anyone know of a way to display the additional details shown in the admin on the thankyou page? Any ideas appreciated! Thanks in advance  
Hi @gr_trading , I've edited the script as you said and added it to theme.liquid But unfortunately it doesn't seem to make the section disappear. Maybe I've added it in the wrong place? Please see screenshots  Thanks for your help! 
Thank you @gr_trading  Could you please just confirm this is written correctly?... $(function(){ jQuery.getJSON("/cart.js", function(data) { var u = {}, r, e, f; if(data.items.length){ $(“#id="shopify-section-template--16929332723876__1690487153f...
Appreciate your help with this @gr_trading  Last question... inside the [ ] brackets for the additional ID's do I just add the number or the whole line? ["#shopify-section-template--16132814340262__featured_collection] or [16132814340262] Thanks!
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