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with other link tags inside <head> 
@asmarTheir is no option in the theme you have to add it by custom code. Please add this code in the theme.liquid <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/png" />Note: Add your favicon link inside href.
Hi @oscprofessional , Could you please help me solve this issue. I have posted but nobody responded me
add margin-left:-36px; inside the below code just like this @media (max-width: 575px)#Slider-template--15942264946878__f214d17a-7807-444b-9195-03bc52c2241d .banner__heading {    padding-left:0px !important;    margin-left:-36px; //this code    color:...
for the second banner you have to use padding-right:0px !important;
Use !important; with padding-left and also with height for mobile. Also increase height from 500px t0 600 because text is going out of the box. If I have answered your questions please accept my reply as a solution and like my replies.Thanks
which part didn't work?
For background color use this code snippet#Slider-template--15942264946878__f214d17a-7807-444b-9195-03bc52c2241d .media{    background-color:none;} and, for the img on mobile please use !important like this with padding-left{padding-left:0px !importa...
For the background color on desktop, use the following#Slider-template--15942264946878__f214d17a-7807-444b-9195-03bc52c2241d .slideshow__slide{        background-color:black; //use the color of your choice.}For the mobile version you will need to the...
Add this code snippet anywhere in your base.css file#shopify-section-template--14619367899241__main .main-page-title{        display:none !important;}
Okay, For the image you want to align on left or right, you can you this code snippet anywhere in base.css file #Slider-template--15942264946878__f214d17a-7807-444b-9195-03bc52c2241d .slideshow__media img{    padding-left:600px;  //If you want to ali...
Please explain what you want in detail so I can give you better solution. Right now your slideshow section rendered size is 1172 × 560 px and you are fitting 608X501px image in it which will definitely crop the image. 
 You are referring to this home banner right?If yes, then you are using the wrong image. The image ratio should be same as the banner width and height if you want to show it correctly.
Will be really appreciated if you could accept my answer as a solution. Thanks
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