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Hello Nitinj,I want to suggest you, for making the best filter option for your store.You can go with the product filter search app.Link:
Hey,You just need to add the below  CSSgo to admin theme, click on three dots then click edit code after opening the code filethen search theme.css file and paste the below code and save it. {background: #88A9BF;padding: 20px;bor...
Hey LAS-RMc,Yes, it's showing of third-party app issue.If you find your answer, could you mark its solution?
Hello Papcy,For doing this you need to use CSS for that section.For this, we need to find out the class name for applying CSS.Could you please share your store URL and password?
Hello Nurdle,Could you please share a screenshot that is helpful to us?
Hello SnoozeStoreSamd2 is right, to implement this design you need a developer to design this. 
Hello Borderfree,I think you want to use shop pay in your store for customer easily pay using shop pay am I right?For this you do not need to work with API, you just need to with settings.I have mentioned below some points, you can proper thisMake su...
Hello LAS-RMcIn shopify there not possible to show archived product show on the website .Because when a product is archived, then the product URL is changed.Could you please check products is not duplicate? orMaybe you used a third-party app to show ...
Hey ShahrukhI think you have successfully installed your custom app.This error is you showing after the app click or installation? If you successfully installed the app then wherever you close your code file then you need to run "ngrok HTTP 80 " comm...
Hello Jayanetty,If you want all your website users to subscribe to your store website, I have two solutions for this1.  One is you can create a simple pop-up subscribe form on the home page, it's not removed till the user does not subscribe if the us...
Thank you, Ivy Hello HelloDay1if you got your problem answered? Mark it as an Accepted Solution.If you have any other questions please let me know.Thank you
Hello Shahrukh,Did you want to create a custom app?This error is shown because you create the app when we create the app we need to set up a local server for this we use ngrok.I think you didn't properly contact ngrok.
Hello Veaves_inCould you please tell me how many products are active on this collection page on the admin side?Because on website font-end 120 product is showing.I have checked its manual sort is working on the upper side.Maybe you apply condition 12...
Hello HelloDay1For doing this you need to disable the checkout page.I have mentioned the below link that help you to find a solution. doing this you need to hi...
Hello UkrainaartdecorAre you facing any issues with shopify?Because above mention link is the prompt frame.
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