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Sorry, I don't understand. Is it possible to customize them by Shopify or by adding a code? thanks
It doesn't. I can't customize how they look. Thanks!
Hello, I have the theme streamline and the collection filters are really bad, I would like to have a dropdown or side filters. Currently, the filters I have online are using a lot of space and I would like to change them. Any ideas on how to do this?... this is my store. I am using Streamline theme, but I need to change the buy buttons on the product pages and have 2 different buttons in 2 different themes templates (products -> all products -> pick any product -> last option...
Hello, does anyone know how to change the text of the buy buttons of my products pages? I need to have different buttons in the different product theme templates. Thanks for your help! 
Do you know how to do that? thanks 
Even if my emails go automatically? 
When you buy a product from a shopify store, you get a confirmation email to confirm that you bought the products and that everything is fine, there is where I need to attach a pdf to every confirmation email we send out. We are using the external ap...
But this video is for adding a PDF into the shop. I need to add into the confirmation email. 
Hello, German law requires me to attach my right of withdrawal as a PDF to the confirmation email. Is there any way to do this? I am using the external app orderly emails to create templates for my confirmation emails. 
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