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To SHOPIFY SUPPORT, I need a reply please ..... I am now up to 664 pages with this issue. Thanks,Timecapsules
Hi, No response .... the number of  "Page with redirects" continues to escalate - see below. I have just tried to escalate this to Greg Bernhardt (whose Shopify team previously successfully fixed the wpm / web pixels issue that plagued Users for mont...
Shopify, I believe you have a SYSTEM issue, wherein on my Google Search Console, the number of "Page with Redirects" has started to grow exponentially. In the last 2 weeks, the numbers on my search console have doubled. There also is a related issue ...
Greg ..... netorginfo looks like he is a hacker ..... it sends my Virus Protection alarms off - no one should type it in. The whoismind is a "search any IP Address" provider .... seems between the two of them they might be attacking us. Greg - PLEASE...
Greg, Have you considered that the problem is coming in through http:// (and not https://) I ran the following reports on GSC Under "URL inspection", for http://www.XYZ.com and http://XYZ.com (as examples) and as you can see there are referrers who a...
How high did you escalate this up in Google ..... CEO to CEO? Of course Google doesn't "want" to do this - it is a negotiation!!! Yes, there are about 10 WPM's and a few other nasties in there. I am soooo tired of spending time on this issue. I am ju...
Greg, I have tried to keep calm and balanced re this topic - that has been going for 8 months or so. My "Not found (404)" and "Crawled - currently not indexed" both doubled with the last GCS report: I am tired of wasting hours trying different things...
I think best you make phone calls into Customer Support and escalate the call to their Management - no use posting stuff here .... just gets ignored, and makes us frustrated.
Trevor - please reply to my post of 06-27-2023 10:53 AM .... this issue is not going away until you arrange for Google to clear our Google Search Consoles of all the junk. Thanks in advance for your reply. 
Greg (or Trevor) - please reply to my post of 06-27-2023 10:53 AM, this issue isn't going away until you arrange for Google to clear our Search Consoles! Thanks
Greg, No, this "sometime in the future isn't acceptable". We need Shopify to please get Google to 1. tell you exactly how long it will be before all this prior "junk" will be cleared (which Shopify believes they have fixed) and 2. if that timeframe i...
Hi Greg, Can Shopify use its "special relationship" with Google (i.e. I understand they are your Cloud Service Provider) to ask Google to do a once off "clear all Shopify websites" of 1. Excluded by 'nonindex' tag and 2. No found (404". This would th...
Hi Greg, Please see a snapshot of my Google Search below. It appears to have stabilized. Is this what you expected to see? How should the graph change with time? Thanks. 
Hi Trevor (Shopify Community Moderator), Thanks for working on getting the solution to this issue (and Greg and the wider Shopify team). I have been undoing a number of prior "interim fixes" (that I inserted over the last few months) over the last we...
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