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I am sorry, I doubt this solution is helpful to you. But I did find my solution. I seek to leave a breadcrumb here for someone, anyone. Maybe it will give you some deeper insight into your problem. I didn't need to process the filters, access the URL...
I think I'm running into the same problem from a different angle. I'm trying to only show "From $XXX" based on which variants pass the search/filter. Our shared problem is that the products[] getting passed around is all products where at least one v...
 Here's expanded comments on the day of the week: # The day of the week, as a number from 1-7 # Trims the timezone off the end, and then converts it into a date value for Sheets, and then extracts the weekday from the calendar. # The output is a ...
Please add a note on either the /redirects page or /redirects/new page that redirects only work on dead pages. I think the functionality is fine, and makes sense. But the current description lead me to think it would work on live pages and it was jus...
Have you looked into themes? These will have a lot of customization already done for you, and the ones I have tried have all had lots of options for doing further customization. Page content can all be managed with wysiwyg (what you see is what you g...
I would like feedback on how to safely promote templates from Test to Stage to Prod. I run into this same problem for any new templates, but today's example is a Page template. I have the following setup:A github repo with three branches: test, stage...
They wanted me to go and collect a bunch of diagnostic information from my ipad, and manually type it in to my trouble report. I submitted a problem report directly from Shopify POS, but I never heard back about that, and apparently that wasn't good ...
I'm still seeing this. Just checked my tax settings, and I don't even set the tax, just the region to BC PST. I'll follow up with Chat support too. 
I exported my Orders, and then viewed it on Google Sheets. I added these two formulas:# The day of the week, as a number from 1-7 =WEEKDAY(DATEVALUE(left(D2, len(D2)-5))) #With lookup table to translate numbers to Mon, Tues, etc. =vlookup(WEEKDAY(DAT...
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