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Hello Guys, I have just created my first shopify function based on the official tutorial.I have a development store with checkout customization enabled. I have deployed my function successfully.However when i want to activate it with the following qu...
The correct answer is:shippingLine {                          title                         }
Hey Dear Community.I am trying to get the order's delivery method.I am using Graphql but i can't find how should i do that.{orders(first:10){nodes{id//deliveryMethod??? }}Is there any way to get that data via Graphql API?  
My solution was i tiny workaround.1. Get all the attributes2. Insert or delete the new values3. Save the new attributes arrayThis could be much nicer, if the shopify api out of the box could handle this, but it works for me, so who cares?! 
I had no issue during the review process. Couple of times the application has been declined, because the app could'nt handle the GDPR webhook events. So my application had approoved in 1 week or so.
Hello there, Right now i am closing the orders with the following method via graphql. {    data: {      query: `mutation orderClose($input: OrderCloseInput!) {            orderClose(input: $input) {              order {              id name          ...
I am facing with the same issue.Is there any official solution for that?
I have the same problem.Do we have any info about how to solve this issue?
Hey Guys! Right now i am developing an application  which will be an embed public app.Sofar i had couple of questions about what can and what can't use in a node/react application.May i use the following "tricks"?Frontend: Store search query paramete...
Waaaoooo Dude!!!!You made my day! Thank you for your advice and your examples as well.Good Job! Keep it up!
Do you have any information about how to retrive thoose data via GraphQl?It seems the "note_attributes" only avalaible vie the REST api.
It seems it's only avalaible via the REST api version.Do you have any information about how to get thoose informations via GraphQl?
If somebody struggling with the same issue the solution is really simple right now.With the latest shopify CLI (after 2022-09) you can create a node app, which is out of the box solves the issue.In that sample application all the authentication layer...
The solution was something completly different.It package was not correctly initialized.Through the latest shopify CLI when we create a new node app this package has been set correctly.
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