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Hello community,Is there any way to create/edit a product and set its shipping option as a Digital product or service instead of a physical product using API?Thanks in advance,
Make sure the template you are using is the correct one. If you already checked that, try to do split your imports. I'm not having any issue updating barcodes using csv file or API so it's hard to find any solution if you don't provide much more deta...
I would recommend using any third party platform to manage the data like a PIM or any catalog management system that allow a direct API integration, using csv upload for 13k product will be hard.I am using Plytix so I have a direct connection and onc...
This is still happening, anyone had the same experience performing this type of action?
I am experiecing problems (see below) using my private app and postmanWhen I send a "product_status" update (from Draft to Active)And the user is sending an update for "published_scope"  (from web to global or vice-versa)Only product status is being ...
Did you have any answer related to this? I am also interested in creating different metafields in one single call if possible.
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