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Apparently when you use the Dawn theme editor to split a footer menu column from 1 to more, code is added automatically but outside the<div class="footer__content-top page-width"> </div> tags in  footer.liquid making the currency form selector and pa...
This is a Shopify Dawn Theme bug.They need to fix it.
Hi,I added a 2nd column in the footer via 'Dawn's own customizable dashboard'  (not via code). I added a second menu column so I could spread out horizontally more menus.                      It worked out great in PC mode (as shown above).However, i...
That worked!Thank you JHKCreate! JC
Somehow my color swatch (the one that shows the color bubbles and images in products) won't show up anymore.I did not touch anything related to that.I'm using debeautify but it was just working fine a day ago and today just disappeared.Color Swatch A...
The word seems to be in the default ALL COLLECTIONS page which I cannot edit.So when I create a new MENU with the word SHOP and link it to the ALL COLLECTIONS page the word'Catalog' appears as a header.I'm using debeautify by the way. Thanks,JC
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