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The devs looked into these dates and nothing was done on our end regarding robots.txt files.
We did inquire to Google about clearing GSC and they said they couldn't for technical reasons.   Does your "Crawled - currently not indexed" report contain WPM URLs?
Can you please provide evidence for your claim that these 404s are being linked to?
I think this expected especially since many are seeing the same thing. We from the start communicated that the noindexes would over time convert to 404s when the WPM pixel URLs changed for versioning. This will not affect your performance. The 404s w...
If the content exists elsewhere then a redirect makes sense otherwise you're sending confusing signals to Google. A Google rep told us that the 404s will clear over time. No exact timeframe was given.
noindex pixel urls should stop, 404 pixels urls temporarily increase and then stop
Our FAQ explains that 404 report will temporarily grow as the pixel URLs Google knows about will start to 404, but it will not discover any new URLs so the count will stop in the near future.
An update is imminent, please hold tight.
Hi @IanSEM, what do you mean by a 404 redirect?
We're making progress. I anticipate we'll have news very early next week.
@Vicky6 please DM me one of the search URLs that has been indexed. Those should be 404'd.
We're aware of the collections/all/ spam. Please DM me to let me know if you're using an official Shopify theme or a third-party theme.
Quick update to not let you all hang in suspense over the weekend. Multiple teams have gone to great lengths and coordinated a proposed change in how we are delivering the web pixels that should address many of the concerns communicated in this threa...
If everyone can please DM me a screenshot of your GSC noindex report along with the impression line as @DariusWS and @kbarcant did above that would be a great help, thanks!
@George_Greenhil you don't need to hire anyone. Please wait for our official document to be released very soon. 
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